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Miltech Replaceable Connectors

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Miltech Replaceable Connectors

One of the major benefits of choosing MilTech Assemblies is the availability of many interchangeable connector front ends. This allows simple field replacement of damaged interfaces using hand tools, often while the cable assembly is still installed. Available to support the Standard, Lightweight and XR Cable Assemblies.

Replaceable connector front ends used in Miltech assemblies maintain the vapor seal characteristics of the completed assembly, assuring uncompromised performance, even after in-situ maintenance replacing damaged cpomponents.

Common Miltech Replacement Front End List - includes Lightweight (137 Style) Standard and XR Series (125 Style)

Replaceable Connectors List - includes Lightweight (137 Style) Standard and XR Series (125 Style) plus others

Times manufactures these and other replaceable front end families, and supports fielded cable assemblies with many replacement connector front ends. Your Times representative is ready to assist you with any spares needs you may have.