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Get connected - with the right Times Microwave Systems Connectors and Replaceable Front Ends

Times Microwave Systems connectors are innovative designs of the highest quality. Whether you're working with field replaceable front end connectors from the Miltech or Testmate series, or our LMR connectors, putting Times connectors and tools to work for you will assure reliable connections and quality you can trust. 



Times Microwave Systems LMR connectors are designed to work perfectly with Times cables, so choosing and using Times connectors and termination tools assures reliable connections and puts quality you can trust to work for you.

LMR Connectors - find the right connector and installation instructions here 

Low PIM Connectors - Technical drawings, PIM test results and installation instructions

Advantage-X Connector Comparisons - check out the Advantages of the -X designs 

WSB Weather Seal Boots - install a weather seal and strain relief without a heat gun

And don't forget Tools:

LMR Strip Tools, Crimp Tools, Wrenches, Prep Tools and Tool Kits

(More information can be found in the individual LMR cable catalog pages.)


LLSB Connectors - find the connector and installation instructions you need for LLSB cables.



SFT Connectors - find the connector and installation instructions you need for SFT cables. 



Replaceable connectors designed to work with the Miltech, Testmate, Qeam and other cable assembly series products support fast-turn-around of maintenance tasks. 

Miltech Replaceable Connectors and Tools,- uparalleled field maintainability made easy



Times Multi-Port connectors provide high interconnect density, and unmatched versatility in design. Designed to work with the Miltech and other cable assembly series products and providing a wide range of connector shell choices, the Mini-Multi-Port (MMP), M-8 Multi-Port and BMB/38999 interfaces in both replaceable and non-replaceable styles support any design challenge. 

Multi-Port Connectors and Tools - unparalleled interconnect versatility

M-8 Multi-Port Connectors - small size with big performance

MMP Connectors - smaller and lighter for maximum density



Times offers a range of test connector adapters to support testing needs. See them here. 

TMTA Between-Series Test Adapters - unparalleled interconnect versatility

Low PIM in-series and between series adaptors/adapters (N, 4.3/10, 4.1/9.5, 7/16)


Not sure what you need? Your Times Regional Applications Engineer can help you choose the right connectors and tools.