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Low PIM Product Choices and Information


Low PIM Cables, Jumpers & Cable Assemblies

 SPP               Superflexible, Low PIM, Low Loss Plenum Rated Cable Assemblies 

 SPO               Superflexible, Low PIM, Low Loss Outdoor Cable Assemblies  

 SPF               Superflexible, Low PIM, Low Loss Fire Retardant Cable Assemblies

 TFT                Flexible, Taped-Dielectric, Low PIM Cable 

 TFT-LF          Flexible, Taped-Dielectric, Low PIM Cable (Low Frequency)                                          

 LMR-SW       LMR Smooth Wall Cable with Low PIM performance    

 TCOW           Flexible, rugged feeder cable for COW (Cell On Wheels) with stable PIM performance


Low PIM Test Cables and Adaptors

 SilverLine – LP (Low PIM)         Armored, Low PIM Test Cables for production and Field PIM Testing  

 SilverLine – DAS (Low PIM)      Low PIM Test Cables for DAS System and Component Testing   


Low PIM Lightning Protectors

 Times-Protect LP-STRL-N          Lightning Protection for Type N Connections

 Times-Protect LP-STRL-D          Lightning Protection for 716 DIN Connections    



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