Ultra flexible, Low PIM, Plenum Rated Jumper Cables.

  • Better than -160 dBc
  • UL/CSA plenum listed
  • Broadband performance uo to 6.0 GHz
SPO Assemblies

Super flexible, PIM rated, outdoor Jumpers.

  • -160 dBc PIM for optimal system performance
  • Greater than 100 dB shielding
  • Polyethelene outer jacket – suitable for outdoor use
SPF™ (Corrugated, Fire Retardant, 'Riser')

Fire retardant low loss, low PIM cable assemblies suitable for outdoor use.

  • UL listed, type CMR (riser) UL file #E-170516
  • Super flexible
  • Durable fire retardant, low smoke polyolefin outer jacket
SPP™ (Plenum, Corrugated)

Flexible, low PIM, plenum rated SPP jumpers are the ideal DAS interconnect solution.

  • -160 dBc PIM for optimal system performance
  • UL listed, type CMP (plenum), UL file #E-170516
  • Super flexible - designed for outdoor use

UV Resistant Polyethylene jacketed cable designed for 20-year service outdoor use.

  • -155 dBc intermodulation distortion
  • Low loss uhf/microwave interconnect
  • Wireless base station interconnect