FBT (Flexible Low Loss)

Indoor/outdoor highly fire retardant cable intended specifically for runs within and between base station cabinets.

  • UL/NEC rating of ‘CL2P’ for plenum applications
  • Applicable for air handling plenums
  • Applications include dropped ceilings and raised floors
High Power (HP and HPL)

HP and HPL cables are suitable for the following applications:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • High power radars
  • High power lasers and many other applications
StripFlex (SF)

StripFlex II cables provide the ultimate performance in a flexible cable.

  • Lower loss microwave interconnect
  • Wireless base station interconnect
  • Excellent connector selection


LMR®-LLPX Plenum

Indoor highly fire retardant plenum rated cables designed for use in dropped ceilings and raised floors.

  • UL listed type CMP, UL file E-170516
  • Extended temperature range (-40C to 125C)
  • High power handling


StripFlex II (SFT)

SFT™ high-performance microwave cables are rugged and flexible, making them ideal for interconect applications.

  • Lower loss than SF versions
  • Superior shielding effectiveness 
  • Low passive intermod (-155 dBc)
RG Cables

RG Cables meet all MIL-C-17 requirements. 

  • Low passive intermod (PIM)
  • Good shielding effectiveness
  • Uses standard connectors